Importance of Scaffolding Handrails and Toe Boards

Importance of Scaffolding Handrails and Toe Boards
Safety is the number one priority in all kinds of work, especially in the construction industry. This is why a scaffolding system is a very essential part of the whole construction phase as it offers a number of benefits ranging from providing easy access and position advantage to the productivity of each and everyone involved in the project. Scaffolding could offer safety advantages too, presuming that strict safety measures are followed in every stage of its use.

First of all, never be tempted to purchase a scaffold that is offered at a suspiciously low price. Remember that safety must always come first, therefore don’t ever compromise the quality of your scaffolding system or its accessories. Once you have acquired durable and reliable materials, make sure that you are overseeing how the scaffold is set up and whether the strict instructions from the manual are being adhered to. However, the safety measures of scaffolding do not just begin and end once it is successfully erected.

Safety measures for quality scaffolding involve a cautious setup, inspection, management and maintenance. This means that whilst ensuring safety, all risks and threats are mitigated on a daily basis, it is imperative to make sure that both the workers operating at heights and the pedestrians below are safe from slips and falls.

Worker Protection and Fall Prevention

Safety helmets, nets and tethers are just some examples of effective fall control solutions. However, problems might exist from the wooden planks and boards of a scaffold which is where the installation of handrails and toe boards comes in. Toe boards and handrails are essential scaffolding components required for all types of system scaffolding and they work in unison by protecting workers and equipment, both at the top and the bottom of the scaffold platform.


Just imagine crossing a hanging bridge without handrails. It would be a pretty scary experience knowing that just one mistake or slip could send you falling down to earth . The same goes for a scaffolding system. Since the purpose of a scaffold is to provide safe and stable access when working at heights.
This is why handrails are very important components of scaffolding. They are installed for these main reasons:

  • To avert the crew members working within the structure from falling over the edge of the scaffold
  • To prevent workers, tools and supplies from falling or slipping under the railing
  • To avoid tools, equipment and supplies from being kicked or knocked off the edge of the scaffold structure

Handrails must be installed on all three sides of the scaffold platform, facing away from the structure itself, in the event of temporarily removing the handrails such as when lifting materials, they must be restored as soon as possible.

Toe Boards

Toe boards work in harmony with handrails and they both offer the same purpose: they avert the fall of scaffolding supplies, tools and equipment as well as the crew members from the scaffold periphery or from the structure itself. The only difference is, handrails are located on the sides of the platform whilst toe boards are installed at the base of the scaffold platform.

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