A Buyer’s Guide To Quality Scaffolding

Guide To Quality Scaffolding
The installation of scaffolding is vital to the maintenance and construction of a building. However, erecting scaffolding on your construction site must undergo the rules and regulations and safety requirements of the UK first. Before purchasing a particular scaffold you need to know what function you require and consider your estimated budget? Will your project consist of a single story building or will it have multiple levels? What is the design of the building under construction or repair? And how long do you think you will need the scaffolding? Moreover, it is important you use scaffolding of quality, make sure not to put price before safety.

To ensure that you hire high-standard scaffolding equipment, there are certain things you must consider first:

Supplier’s reputation

The first thing to consider is the supplier’s reputation. Has the supplier been in the industry for many years? Do they have a website that speaks for their products and the services they offer? There are many scaffolding suppliers and it may appear that they offer similar services but it pays to do some research into their knowledge and experience before you commit to a decision.

Sticking to the standards

Couplers, tube, boards and a specification for system scaffolding are some examples of individual components that have specific requirements. However, one of the most important factors when hiring scaffolding is to make sure it adheres to UK standards. Never proceed with the purchase without validating first that there are proper safety features in place and ask precise questions to confirm that all of the standards are being fulfilled by the manufacturer.

High-quality and durable scaffolding materials

Look for materials that are robust and lasting. Your safety and others who may be using the scaffolding should be prioritised, never forget about the reliability and durability of the materials you need. Moreover, do not be lured by the lowest price option as it is likely to end in added expenditure in the long run.

Ensure traceability

Each scaffolding component must have markings that indicate when and where it was manufactured which makes it easier to find a solution in the event of a problem with an item.

Ensure technical support

The advantages of technical support is a major reason behind a local purchase, don’t forget to enquire about any help you can receive if you’re confronted with technical problems.

Effortless to assemble

Choose a scaffolding product that comes with a clear instruction manual and is easy to assemble as the last thing you need when you’re trying to move ahead with a project is to deal with complications in the scaffold’s installation.


Do not hesitate to scrutinise the scaffolding. Ensure there is a warranty for all the parts and what the warranty covers. Will the scaffolding be repaired within the warranty period and what compensation will be awarded if something were to go wrong or faulty components sold?

Check it yourself

After ensuring all the bases are covered, remember to inspect the materials when they arrive on site and make sure they are properly marked, the correct size, and have a good quality finish.

TH Scaffolding has over 40 years of industry experience and we provide a complete scaffolding service in and around Bristol and the South West of England. We undertake projects of all descriptions ranging from temporary roof systems to complete new build projects and we take on contracts of any size and pride ourselves on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Contact us on 0117 370 2555 to know more about the services we offer.

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